Panama/foreign EA - May 2021

Michael Bien mbien42 at
Wed May 19 23:25:05 UTC 2021


what would be the current ceremony to run a panama program?

--enable-preview --add-modules jdk.incubator.foreign 
-Dforeign.restricted=permit -Djava.library.path=...

worked until this build, getting

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalCallerException: Illegal native access from 
module: UNNAMED
     at dev.mbien.jcriu.CRIUContextImpl.<clinit>(
     ... 70 more

in the test of my toy project now. This might be related to the security 
manager changes - i couldn't find any notes.

thanks! (i like the ResourceScopes)


On 19.05.21 23:26, Maurizio Cimadamore wrote:
> And... maybe it would be a good idea to actually include a link :-)
> Maurizio
> On 19/05/2021 22:25, Maurizio Cimadamore wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We have just released another early-access Panama/foreign build, 
>> which includes all the goodies we've been working on so far, from API 
>> changes, to VM upcall optimizations, to jextract stability/usability 
>> improvements.
>> Keep the feedback coming - we couldn't do this without your help and 
>> support.
>> Cheers
>> Maurizio

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