Panama/foreign EA - May 2021

Jason Lee jason at
Thu May 27 18:03:15 UTC 2021

OK. That's what I was afraid of, but I completely understand. I'm not sure
how they write C++ compilers at all. :P I'll explore options like JavaCPP
and SWIG. I wish I could offer some help here, but I'm barely treading
water in this C++ code as it is. Been too many years away. :)

Thank you, though. Truly appreciate it!

On Fri, May 21, 2021 at 3:53 PM Maurizio Cimadamore <
maurizio.cimadamore at> wrote:

> As things stand, jextract does not support C++.
> There are mechanical ways (more or less) to derive a C wrapper library
> around C++ libraries - we did some experiments in this area, but we got
> blocked mostly on templates - not because they can't be done, but simply
> because the clang API we use for jextract doesn't seem to expose
> information about template classes/methods in a way that is friendly to
> tools - very similar C++ programs end up with information scattered in
> very different places in the clang AST, and that was a source of
> constant frustration. We also had some issues more on our end, as
> jextract was running out of memory when trying to process big C++
> libraries in this way.
> I believe at some point we will make another attempt, perhaps by trying
> also to contribute some patches back to the libclang API (I see some of
> the problems we have encountered also mentioned by other tools, such as
> Rust's bindgen). It is also an area were we'd be happy to accept some
> contributions :-)
> Cheers
> Maurizio
> On 21/05/2021 21:28, Jason Lee wrote:
> > Apologies if this is not the correct place for this, but I'm interested
> in
> > wrapping/exposing a C++ library, but I'm not finding much information on
> > C++ support other than some hints that it should work. Is C++ currently
> > supported? If so, could someone direct me to any resources on the topic?
> >
> > Much appreciated!
> >
> > On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 4:26 PM Maurizio Cimadamore <
> > maurizio.cimadamore at> wrote:
> >
> >> Hi,
> >> We have just released another early-access Panama/foreign build, which
> >> includes all the goodies we've been working on so far, from API changes,
> >> to VM upcall optimizations, to jextract stability/usability
> improvements.
> >>
> >> Keep the feedback coming - we couldn't do this without your help and
> >> support.
> >>
> >> Cheers
> >> Maurizio
> >>
> >>

Jason Lee

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