My Introduction

Landon Fuller landonf at
Sat Dec 1 12:11:21 PST 2007

Hi all,

By day I work here in San Francisco for Three Rings Design ( 
). I am a commiter on (and a minor contributor to) the FreeBSD Java

I have been working in my own time to add Mac OS X support to the BSD  
code base, and have published the SoyLatte release of Java 6 based on  
this work:

SoyLatte is a staging ground for the Mac OS X port -- it is not  
intended to be a fork of the BSD sources, and I've been diligent in  
merging changes upstream to the BSD repository as they stabilize.

The SoyLatte port is currently very stable. It's my goal to gradually  
incorporate additional Mac OS X-specific functionality into SoyLatte,  
such as:
	- An aqua look and feel, working with Werner Randelshofer to  
integrate Quaqua as the system L&F ( 
	- Native AWT Toolkit for Mac OS X (I've begun implementation)
	- Integrating with the Mac OS X x509 certificate store.
	- Working with the other ports on a sound implementation (eg, using  
PortAudio, or ...)

I expect the native GUI issues to be particularly time consuming,  
especially given my lack of familiarity with GUI development on Mac OS  

Additionally, I would also like to work on some Hotspot changes in  
coordination with the Hotspot developers:
	- 16-byte stack alignment on x86_32 systems ( 
	- Minor 16-byte stack alignment issues on the x86_64 (calls generated  
from hotspot/src/cpu/amd64/vm/sharedRuntime_amd64.cpp are not always  

Lastly, I am very excited about the possibility of working with other  
porters to implement PowerPC support for BSD/Mac OS X.

Looking forward to collaborating!

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