Feasibility of integrating an Aqua interface

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Mon Dec 3 12:14:06 PST 2007


Could you explain what SCA means ?

@Werner Randelshofer:

> Are there any legal limitations which could prevent an integration of
> an Aqua interface into OpenJDK?
> Except for having to restrict end user usage of the Aqua interface to
> Mac OS X, there appear to be no other limitations imposed by Apple
> Inc. which are legally binding. (At least not in my jurisdiction which
> is Switzerland).
> After all, there is a Windows Look and Feel in OpenJDK with no more
> limitations than this. But maybe Sun entered a special license
> agreement with Microsoft for this. (?)

You should ask them, but I would bet that their lock based on
System.getProperty("os.name") in WindowsLookAndFeel is actually just there
to avoid legal problems.
> Would it be desirable to include the source code of the Quaqua look
> and feel into OpenJDK?
> Quaqua contains a substantial number of artwork copyrighted by Apple,
> Inc. This is no problem in my jurisdiction, but it might be for other
> jurisdictions.

I would propose to integrate to OpenJDK a version of Quaqua look and feel
with the same lock used in WindowsLookAndFeel. If some people disable this
lock, it's their problem not yours !
I would try also to contact Apple legal team. Maybe Apple Java team will be
able to give some advice.

BTW, I started the implementation of an AWT Toolkit based on SWT.
I succeeded to display an AWT Frame with AWT Buttons. At this time, it
didn't look so difficult but as always, the first programming lines are not
the most difficult ones. ;-)

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