Peter Cox psccox at
Tue Dec 4 11:48:04 PST 2007


I'm a long term Java developer.

The ports being interested in seeing would be to
(a) OS X. We're deploying to 1.5 at work with a bunch of swinglabs
code that's since been rolled into 1.6 - (GroupLayout/SwingWorker
etc). It's doubtful we'd deploy to 1.6 overnight even if Apple
released Java soon due to the requirement to upgrade the OS too.

What help I can bring to the table I'm not sure given I don't own a Mac but...

The other 2 are pipe-dreams, purely from a user perspective.

(b) maemo. My Nokia 770 is barely 12 months old but has already been
superseded twice!
(c) Haiku. As I hinted to Dalibor on javalobby, I'd be tempted to dump
unix if there were a working JRE.


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