Feasibility of integrating an Aqua interface

Werner Randelshofer werner.randelshofer at bluewin.ch
Tue Dec 4 13:03:21 PST 2007

Dear Peter,

I also thought about this, but I am reluctant to doing it.

I think that this wouldn't solve any licensing problems.
We would still end up with one part of the code being in OpenJDK,
and the other part being in a separate project under a different  

I think we would get maintenance problems.
There is a tight coupling between the look and the feel. To get them  
right, one would constantly have to coordinate both projects.

Lets see if we can make a look and feel with the Mac OSX HITheme API.
Maybe we can avoid licensing issues by using this API.

With best regards,

On 04.12.2007, at 20:57, Peter Cox wrote:

> One might consider what other look and feels have done and integrate
> the proprietary resources via a theme.
> The fall-back position could be then to supply a basic theme sourcing
> icons and the like from GPL friendly sources.
> If there are dependencies to specific OS X revisions, one might have a
> tiger theme, leopard theme etc.

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