Licence of OpenJDK Ports

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at
Wed Dec 5 01:51:19 PST 2007

Hi porters,

I have a question regarding the licence under which "official" OpenJDK
ports will be available. As far as I understand, all submissions will
have to be made under a Sun Contributor Agreement (SCA). This would be
necessary to allow SUN to integrate changes from the ports upstream
into the SUN JDK which will probably be the goal of most of the
OpenJDK ports (in order to facilitate the maintenance of the ports).

However this would also allow SUN to sublicence OpenJDK ports under a
commercial licence to its licencees, the same way as it does this with
the current SUN JDK. Is this true and will SUN do this (possibly upon
request of licencees)?

I ask this questions for the following reason: suppose a company wants
to donate some ports to the OpenJDK projekt, but at the same time
still wants to distribute these ports under a commercial licence (much
the same way of dual  licencing that SUN does with OpenJDK/SUN JDK).
For this company, it would be impossible to benefit from further
developments and improvments in the OpenJDK port version, if it would
not have the possiblity to get these OpenJDK port sources back from
SUN under a commercial licence. Will this be possible? And will all
licencees of SUN have the possibility of getting the sources of an
OpenJDK port under a commercial licence, or just the initial

It would be nice, if somebody could clarify this questions.

With best regards,

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