Possible to use mac os x JDK 1.6 port ( SoyLatte ) to launch eclipse?

Leif Nelson lnelson at llnl.gov
Thu Dec 6 11:16:15 PST 2007

The steps I outlined previously were performed on a 10.4 mac...  Did you 
try it with soylatte-r3 yet, because I believe it will not work with r2 
due to the .dylib/.jnilib fallback issue.


Carfield Yim wrote:
>> My two minute solution (just now) was to drop the SWT JNI libraries
>> in the java.library.path manually. Eclipse seems to be running fine.
>> I couldn't find the original SWT binaries in the eclipse installation
>> tree -- does eclipse extract them from a jar?
>> \
> Tried... still fail
>> Also, SoyLatte R2 only supports shared libraries with the
>> standard .dylib extension. R3 added a fall-back to Apple's .jnilib.
> May be this is the problem... I can only use the binary distribution
> because I cannot build it because I am using 10.4 ... may be it only
> work on 10.5 ??

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