Feasibility of integrating an Aqua interface

Emmanuel Puybaret puybaret at eteks.com
Mon Dec 10 14:07:36 PST 2007


Here's a first draft of an AWT Toolkit based on SWT 3.3 lib :

This file contains README.TXT and build.xml files detailing how to use it.

Even if there's still a lot of missing features, all AWT components are
implemented (even the new Desktop and Tray API), and the small
SWTToolkitTest class allows you to test them.
You should note that the provided GraphicsEnvironment is buggy : when you
try to draw some texts in a Canvas, the JVM crashes abruptly (in the
provided test class, click on "Draw It" button and then on the "Text" radio
button). *But* with default soylatte GraphicsEnvironment, it works (but it
requires a X11 display that is in fact used only for offscreen drawing).

I hope this will help porters like Landon Fuller who wants to port AWT
Toolkit to Native Mac OS X. The basic idea is that any call to SWT (and
// TODOs ;-) should be replaced by a call to a native feature.

Any advice and contribution (a nicer test class before all) are welcome.

Have fun !

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