Proposal: Haiku port of OpenJDK

Bryan Varner bryan at
Mon Dec 17 10:45:02 PST 2007

Members of the porters group,

It's been over a week since the submission of this proposal, and since the
deadline for feedback is now only four days away, I feel like I should try
and jump-start some discussion.

> # Past achievements


> * A working, native AWT that uses the BeAPI. Most of Java2D is
> implemented. I dare you to find a cleaner AWT implementation!

As evidence, I'd like to submit the following screen-shots: 

> * Ability to run SwingSet, Java2D demos, JBoss, Tomcat, etc.

(I don't have any screen-shots of the j2ee servers)

Oh look, a popular Swing application

And video of SwingSet and Java2D demos' running:

As you can see, we had a lot working with our effort to port 1.4.2

So please, discuss if you will. Feel free to ask us detailed questions. If
you have any doubts about our abilities to effectively execute a port now
is the time to bring them up. We want to do this work and we'd like to know
what those of you voting will need to submit a positive vote.

Help us help you. :-)

-Bryan Varner

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