Proposal: Haiku port of OpenJDK

François Revol revol at
Mon Dec 17 13:42:57 PST 2007

Hi there,
just as an introduction,
I'm François Revol, aka "mmu_man".
I've ported numerous *nix apps to BeOS (and now Haiku), like
ffmpeg, PearPC, bzflag... XEmacs (bow before me :p)...

> > * A working, native AWT that uses the BeAPI. Most of Java2D is
> > implemented. I dare you to find a cleaner AWT implementation!
> As evidence, I'd like to submit the following screen-shots:

It is worth mentioning BeOS had several issues which made the port 
- lack of mmap() even though it could be emulated to some extent,
- no mprotect() (areas protection could only be changed globally, not 
per page),
- quite old gcc (2.95) due to the C++ API locking us to the old ABI.
- and I'm not sure but maybe the vm mapping probably didn't help as 
well (userland starts at 0x80000000).

This made it uneasy to really finish the port and publish it.
Haiku does not have all those issues, except gcc because we want to 
maintain binary compatibility, but it is compilable with gcc4 as well.
So hopefully some hacks required under BeOS won't be necessary anymore.


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