Proposal: Haiku port of OpenJDK

Andrew Bachmann andrewbachmann at
Tue Dec 18 10:43:08 PST 2007

Hello all,

I am interested in working on the port for Haiku/BeOS.  As one of the main
developers (with Bryan) for the BeOS port of 1.4.2, I did the following:

1. ported bootstrap applications (I used jikes for our bootstrap compiler)
2. ported the hotspot vm (I did nearly all of this part of the work)
3. developed the AWT design with Bryan
4. implemented many controls for AWT
5. used our port in my day-to-day development for my job

I had already finished some of the work from the current openjdk sources
related to bootstrapping and the build system but unfortunately I had a hard
drive crash earlier this year that wiped it out.  I don't think it will take
that long to replicate once we get going though.

Andrew Bachmann
P.S. For some of my other BeOS work see:
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