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Thu Dec 20 15:43:49 PST 2007

On Dec 7, 2007 8:21 PM, Bryan Varner <bryanv at> wrote:
> # Past achievements
> The results of our Java port to BeOS were never released (mainly to the
> demise of BeOS), but nevertheless included the following achievements:
> * Bootstrapping the 1.4.2 build using jikes and a javah replacement
> written in C++.
> * A working, native AWT that uses the BeAPI. Most of Java2D is
> implemented. I dare you to find a cleaner AWT implementation!
> * Ability to run SwingSet, Java2D demos, JBoss, Tomcat, etc.
> * 1:1 BeOS native threading model -- which isn't pthreads.

Your achievements are quite impressive, indeed. Since I was the only
group member present at the IRC chat, and no one else seems to be
taking the bait to fire up the discussion threads, I'll ask a bunch of questions
that I think we discussed on IRC already, so that other members of the group
have the same access to information.

Do you intend to  reuse existing code from the 1.4.2 effort for the port
of OpenJDK?

In that case are all the authors of the code 'on board' and are in the
process of
signing the SCA?

If you intend to reuse existing code, does it include third party
code developed outside the porting project?

> # Goals of the project
> Our ultimate goal is to have a JCK compliant JDK for Haiku that could be
> merged upstream. Initially, our port will focus on support for the x86
> processor line. Haiku has the (long-term) intention to support additional
> architectures. As these are added to Haiku, our intent would be to add
> support to these in the OpenJDK as well. A consistent user experience
> across architectures with Haiku is important to us.
> In an ideal world, our port will be ready in time for the Java 7 release.
> We will do what we can to make that a reality.

I think that's a great goal, and I hope that the Haiku port will achieve it.

> Speaking for the Haiku Java team, I respectfully ask that you consider our
> proposal to port OpenJDK to Haiku. If you have any questions, be they
> technical, organizational, or otherwise, feel free to direct them my way.

I'd just like to apologize for taking a lot of time to get back to this thread.
I was hoping we'd see a more lively discussion, but I assume that the
screenshots and videos of your team's previous efforts spoke for
themselves. ;)

I'd be very happy to see the Haiku porting project inside OpenJDK. If
no one else
stands up, then I'll submit it formally early next week to announce &
discuss list,
and call for a vote to sponsor the proposal within this group.

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