Proposal: Haiku port of OpenJDK

Bryan Varner bryan at
Thu Dec 20 16:56:24 PST 2007

> Do you intend to  reuse existing code from the 1.4.2 effort for the port
> of OpenJDK?
What makes sense to, and what we can, yes.

The core class libraries were handled by Andrew and myself, we'll 
certainly want to use as much of that as possible. The Java2D 
implementation we had was heavily stubbed in places, and quite hackish 
in others, so much of that will likely be re-engineered / re-written now 
that we have full, unfettered access to the app_server (windowing 
server) in Haiku. There was a hack in the BeOS Java2D & Graphics object 
implementation that tracked dirty regions and would only repaint the 
smallest portion of a surface as was necessary.

We'll reuse as much of the hotspot code as possible as well, since 
Andrew pretty much single-handedly pulled that off. This time, I'm in a 
better state to hopefully contribute more to that end.

The HPI layer may need to be excised. I'm not sure who did (or how much 
work) was involved in the HPI portion. My impression is that it was 
fairly straightforward to handle, and I'm sure our team won't have any 
trouble filling that in. My recollection is that it came from a fellow 
named Clay who lives somewhere in Tennessee...

> In that case are all the authors of the code 'on board' and are in the
> process of
> signing the SCA?
All except for Clay, who's code we won't use / migrate if we can't get 
in contact with him. All the files he ported had his company copyright 
as boilerplate from what I recall, so it's easily distinguishable.

Since Andrew's HD crash, I may be the only one with a building tree on a 
working machine. I plan to send Andrew a backup, since he'll also recall 
what was developed by us last time around. I'd be uneasy letting folks 
who weren't involved before try to make judgement calls about what can 
and cannot be included. As for Andrew and myself, I think the policy 
will be 'when it doubt, leave it out -- and re-write it.'
> If you intend to reuse existing code, does it include third party
> code developed outside the porting project?
There were no commercial dependencies, and most of what we needed to 
include on BeOS R5 is now included with Haiku in the default image. We 
should have fewer dependencies than our previous attempt - which needed 
librealpath, libcondvar, cpio, and I know I'm forgetting another one.
>> Speaking for the Haiku Java team, I respectfully ask that you consider our
>> proposal to port OpenJDK to Haiku. If you have any questions, be they
>> technical, organizational, or otherwise, feel free to direct them my way.
> I'd just like to apologize for taking a lot of time to get back to this thread.
> I was hoping we'd see a more lively discussion, but I assume that the
> screenshots and videos of your team's previous efforts spoke for
> themselves. ;)
No problem, and we thank you!
> I'd be very happy to see the Haiku porting project inside OpenJDK. If
> no one else
> stands up, then I'll submit it formally early next week to announce &
> discuss list,
> and call for a vote to sponsor the proposal within this group.
Why wait? Let's go! ;-)

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