Call for vote [Fwd: New Project Proposal: MIPS port of OpenJDK]

Jonathan Springer springer at
Thu Apr 3 08:42:33 PDT 2008

Mark Reinhold wrote:
>> From: Mark Reinhold <mr at>
>> Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 08:49:22 -0700
>> ...
>> I agree that "MIPS Port" would be a good name for this project, following
>> the "Haiku Port" that we already have.
>> "MIPS" is, however, a trademark of MIPS Technologies, Inc., so I've asked
>> Sun Legal for advice on whether and how to use that name.  I expect an
>> answer in the next day or two, at which point we can go ahead and set up
>> your initial page and mailing list.
> The advice of our trademark counsel is to call this the "Porting Project
> for MIPS".  The appearance of the mark at the end of the phrase, rather
> than the beginning, constitutes fair use.
> To make this work in the left nav bar on the web pages we can shorten it
> to "Port: MIPS", and for consistency also change "Haiku Port" to "Port:
> Haiku".  This will cause all the porting projects to be listed together
> in the nav bar, which is kind of nice too.
> The Project URL will be
> Okay?

Sounds great.  Thanks for checking all this out!


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