JNI not working on SoyLatte

Trevor Harmon trevor at vocaro.com
Sun Apr 20 03:30:28 PDT 2008

On Apr 17, 2008, at 6:40 PM, Landon Fuller wrote:

> landonf at max:~/Desktop/JNI> java -Djava.library.path=`pwd` HelloWorld
> Hello World!

This bug has exposed another. My Ant script is, in fact, adding the  
appropriate directory to java.library.path, but it depends on the host  
OS, and somehow SoyLatte is reporting the wrong OS. This problem can  
be reproduced with the attached Ant script. With Apple's Java 1.5, it  

   You are on a Mac. true

But with SoyLatte it prints:

   You are on a Mac. false

> Additionally, SoyLatte doesn't seem to be respecting  

This is also a problem for me. Would it be hard to fix?


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