MIPS port project

Jonathan Springer springer at reservoir.com
Wed Feb 20 12:55:17 PST 2008


I am Jonathan Springer, an engineer at Reservoir Labs, Inc., and the
lead on Reservoir's project to port OpenJDK to MIPS, which we call
"UltraViolet".  Reservoir would like to see broader visibility for
this port and hopefully integrate with other efforts that may be going
on.  This note is to suggest the creation of a new OpenJDK project:
the MIPS Port Project.  This is not an official proposal, but I hope
it becomes one.

Reservoir Labs [http://www.reservoir.com/] is a consulting company
specializing in compilers, virtual machines, and related technology.
We have a long history of commercial work on Java, starting from the
"classic" JDK up through Hotspot.  Recently we have worked on
UltraViolet, a port of OpenJDK to Linux/MIPS64.  UltraViolet is
currently a functional interpreter-only port, using Hotspot's template
interpreter.  We are hosting this port [http://java.reservoir.com/]
and hope to help coordinate updates.  (We expect any contributions to
come from SCA signees.)

Our goals for the project are to keep the port up-to-date with the
OpenJDK base, extend the port with additional features (such as the
client and/or server compilers), and generalize the port to other MIPS
variants.  The project scope is intended to be all MIPS variants, but
principally modern MIPS64 and MIPS32, potentially with common recent
ISA extensions, running Linux.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I'd like to hear them.


Jonathan Springer     |
Reservoir Labs, Inc.  |  http://www.reservoir.com/

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