Proposal: zero-assembler port of OpenJDK

François Revol revol at
Thu Jul 17 07:25:33 PDT 2008

> Hi all,
> I'm Gary Benson, an engineer at Red Hat.  Over the past year or so
> I've been working on a port of OpenJDK that uses no assembler and
> therefore can trivially be built on any system.
> The port, known as zero, is presently an interpreter-only port, and
> is known to work on PowerPC (32- and 64-bit), x86-64, IA-64, and
> zSeries.  An LLVM-based JIT, known as Shark, is currently under
> development.  Currently only Linux is supported, but adding support
> for other operating systems is one area in which I'd particularly
> welcome contributions.
> The goal of this project would be to be able to build a TCK-compliant
> OpenJDK of reasonable performance on any platform with no additional
> porting work.

Wow, sounds great.

Maybe one day I'll be able to start a java applet under Haiku on a 
Falcon in 2 or 3 days :))
Must finish porting Haiku to m68k first though.


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