AWT toolkit for Mac OS X Aqua

Emmanuel Puybaret puybaret at
Wed Sep 17 11:08:51 PDT 2008

Hi everybody,

Time passed, and we still didn't develop anything about Aqua AWT  

As I said back in November 2007 
  , I wanted to spend some time on this, but finally I didn't have the  
One good thing : I worked with JNI during 5 months this year, and this  
will help to develop such a toolkit (but I still have a small  
knowledge about Cocoa).
An other good thing for self motivation : month after month, it looks  
like Apple won't support old architecture in JDK, and their support  
for Java in general is worse and worse. It seems we really need  
OpenJDK to run on Mac OS X.

I write you today to get ideas about how to get some financial support  
to help me contribute to this toolkit port. Any idea will be  
welcome. :-)

Best regards
Email  : puybaret at
Web    :

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