AWT toolkit for Mac OS X Aqua

Emmanuel Puybaret puybaret at
Mon Sep 22 12:29:45 PDT 2008

Thank you Jeremy for your suggestion.
I know quite well because Sweet Home 3D, one of my  
Open Source project is hosted there at 
  . ;-)
But I don't earn money on this project through, and  
really wonder if some projects got enough donations for their living.

Best regards
Emmanuel Puybaret

Le 22 sept. 08 à 18:18, Jeremy Denton a écrit :

> The mechanism for setting up a project with financial support is  
> built into sourceforge. You could start a project there.
> Jeremy
> On Sep 17, 2008, at 11:08 AM, Emmanuel Puybaret wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> Time passed, and we still didn't develop anything about Aqua AWT  
>> Toolkit.
>> As I said back in November 2007 
>>  , I wanted to spend some time on this, but finally I didn't have  
>> the time.
>> One good thing : I worked with JNI during 5 months this year, and  
>> this will help to develop such a toolkit (but I still have a small  
>> knowledge about Cocoa).
>> An other good thing for self motivation : month after month, it  
>> looks like Apple won't support old architecture in JDK, and their  
>> support for Java in general is worse and worse. It seems we really  
>> need OpenJDK to run on Mac OS X.
>> I write you today to get ideas about how to get some financial  
>> support to help me contribute to this toolkit port. Any idea will  
>> be welcome. :-)
>> Best regards
>> --
>> Emmanuel PUYBARET
>> Email  : puybaret at
>> Web    :

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