FW: Porting OpenJDK 6 to Stratus OpenVOS on IA32 -- cross development??

Barnes, Richard Richard.Barnes at stratus.com
Mon Sep 22 13:41:07 PDT 2008

Since Java obviously does not exist on OpenVOS yet, and since there are
*.java files in HotSpot, we have been considering doing cross
development from a Linux/IA32 machine that already has a native Java
installed.  Since what we desire as a result of this project is an
OpenJDK6 running on OpenVOS, we believe we have run into a problem in
the makefiles and *.gmk files we have encountered to do not seem to
distinguish between host environments and target environments, which
would be helpful in order to make cross development less difficult.
This is in contrast to what we have seen in porting GNU software such as
gcc and gdb.  Does anybody have any hints in how to deal with this
situation in order to produce a JVM and JIT compiler for a platform
different from the original host platform?



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> Subject:	Porting OpenJDK 6 to Stratus OpenVOS on IA32
> I am part of a small team at Stratus Technologies that is planning to
> port OpenJDK6 to its proprietary OpenVOS operating system running on
> IA32.  What makes this interesting and unusual is that even though we
> are targeting a little-endian chip, for compatibility reasons OpenVOS
> must present a big-endian environment to its users, so that gcc and
> g++, as well as native OpenVOS compilers, produce code that makes IA32
> appear to be big-endian at the source level.  The internals of OpenVOS
> are quite different from the internals of Unix, but we have added a
> POSIX.1 API to our operating system in recent years, which should help
> to make this project possible.  The runtime conventions are close to
> those of Unix on IA32, with the exception of endianness and some
> register usage, but that should not be insurmountable.
> When I first sent mail to jdk-6.dev, Joe Darcy of Sun suggested that
> we check in with this group for community advice.
> For these reasons, we hope to have our project accepted to join
> OpenJDK.
> Thanks,
> Richard Barnes
> Senior Technical Consultant
> Stratus Technologies
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