FW: Porting OpenJDK 6 to Stratus OpenVOS on IA32 -- cross development??

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Tue Sep 23 03:42:47 PDT 2008

Hi Richard,

On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 16:41 -0400, Barnes, Richard wrote:
> Since Java obviously does not exist on OpenVOS yet, and since there
> are *.java files in HotSpot, we have been considering doing cross
> development from a Linux/IA32 machine that already has a native Java
> installed.  Since what we desire as a result of this project is an
> OpenJDK6 running on OpenVOS, we believe we have run into a problem in
> the makefiles and *.gmk files we have encountered to do not seem to
> distinguish between host environments and target environments, which
> would be helpful in order to make cross development less difficult.
> This is in contrast to what we have seen in porting GNU software such
> as gcc and gdb.  Does anybody have any hints in how to deal with this
> situation in order to produce a JVM and JIT compiler for a platform
> different from the original host platform?

If you do already have a GCC plus recent GCJ port for OpenVOS you could
use the approach that IcedTea took and bootstrap OpenJDK using the
existing libre-java toolchain based on GCC, GCJ, GNU Classpath and ECJ.
See http://icedtea.classpath.org/ and the people on
distro-pkg-dev at openjdk.java.net will most likely be happy to help out.



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