FW: Porting OpenJDK 6 to Stratus OpenVOS on IA32 -- cross development??

Barnes, Richard Richard.Barnes at stratus.com
Wed Sep 24 08:18:30 PDT 2008

Dalibor, Mark, and Jonathan,

Thank you for your responses to my question about cross development.  I
think we will follow the suggestions that involve using a remote JDK for
the Java portion of the port.  That will hopefully avoid any problems of
distinguishing between host and target in the Makefiles and xml files in
the porting base.


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As Dalibor mentions, another approach is to mount a remote filesystem
hosted on a platform for which you already have a JDK.  This is what
we did on the MIPS port, using an x86/Linux machine.  There is some
support for this, in the form of the REMOTE makefile variable.

A few more details are here:


Barnes, Richard wrote:
> Since Java obviously does not exist on OpenVOS yet, and since there
> *.java files in HotSpot, we have been considering doing cross 
> development from a Linux/IA32 machine that already has a native Java 
> installed.  Since what we desire as a result of this project is an 
> OpenJDK6 running on OpenVOS, we believe we have run into a problem in 
> the makefiles and *.gmk files we have encountered to do not seem to 
> distinguish between host environments and target environments, which 
> would be helpful in order to make cross development less difficult.  
> This is in contrast to what we have seen in porting GNU software such
> gcc and gdb.  Does anybody have any hints in how to deal with this 
> situation in order to produce a JVM and JIT compiler for a platform 
> different from the original host platform?
> Thanks,
> Richard

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