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Fri Feb 27 05:06:18 PST 2009

François Revol wrote:
> Hi,
> I was at FOSDEM this year and attended two interesting conferences, the
> subject of which could probably help speed up the Haiku OpenJDK port
> quite a bit. I was wondering how others saw it on the project.
> I don't yet have the time to look into it, but hopefully later.

Salut Francois!

I'm glad you enjoyed the presentations in our FOSDEM dev room, and I 
hope we'll see you again next year!

> - first one was about cross compiling OpenJDK to embedded ARM targets,
> cf. the docs at
> http://jalimo.org/index.php/CrossCompilingOpenJDK
> while it use some linux-specific crossbuilding scripts it could likely
> help us.

I think cross-compilation to Haiku as a bootstrapping idea would beat
native compilation as long as there is no working, cross-compiled OpenJDK 
build. The Haiku team is working on rewriting parts the the build tools
in C++ from Java to work around that - but looking at the effort Robert
had to spend to make cross-compilation work, I suspect that his approach
could be more fruitful for the Haiku team in a shorter time span.
> - other one was Caciocavallo which provides a much simpler way to write
> native AWT backends, and a progressive way of doing it (first
> framebuffer like, then use native canvas but draw from Swing, then
> eventually the fullblown AWT):
> http://openjdk.java.net/projects/caciocavallo/

Caciocavallo could be a great way to boostrap a new backend, indeed - but
I'd focus on the cross-compilation first. Once you have cross-compilation
worked out, you can start building natively on Haiku, and from there explore
different AWT options.

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