Proposed OpenJDK IcedTea project: Needs group sponsorship

David Herron david at
Wed Mar 4 14:58:10 PST 2009

Sorry for my delay in seeing this.  I used to be subscribed to this list but
(ahem) with my change in email addresses (cough cough) I missed getting
resubscribed to porters-dev.

Andrew, thank you for your proposal

I almost completely agree with the proposal.  However I'd asked Mark
Reinhold pretty much this exact question some time ago and got an
interesting 'NO' response.  As I understood his response, the Porters Group
is about porting OpenJDK to platforms it does not currently support.  The
IcedTea project is almost entirely about changes related to making it run
well on Linux, and Linux is a platform already supported by OpenJDK.  Hence
IcedTea is not porting OpenJDK to Linux and technically it does not belong
in the Porter's group.

I think though the value of helping IcedTea more easily bring their patches
upstream is greater than being picky about precise definitions of the scope
of each group.

- David Herron
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