Proposed OpenJDK IcedTea project: Needs group sponsorship

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Fri Mar 6 06:59:21 PST 2009

2009/3/6 Dalibor Topic <Dalibor.Topic at>:
> Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>> That said, at this stage, based on my reading of the project rules on
>> the OpenJDK website (, we need
>> someone from any existing group to turn our proposal into a formal
>> proposal.  Dalibor agreed to do this as a member of the porters group.
> Seeing that there were no objections to the proposal during the discussion
> on the list, I'll send the formal proposal out tonight, and call this
> group's members to vote on sponsoring it.

Good news! Thanks :)

>> I don't believe any members of
>> Red Hat are group members and I'm not even sure of the process by
>> which a group member or group is proposed, though I've seen new
>> members being added to some.
> Adding Members is explained in .
> The Porters group can add Members (and with my Moderator hat on, I
> expect that we'll do so in the coming months).

Ah, so I see that new groups have to be proposed by the members of an
existing group.  So we need more group members generally from outside
Sun to create a more diverse community at the OpenJDK level :)

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