Request for Review (XXL): 6989984: Use standard include model for Hotspot

Stefan Karlsson stefan.karlsson at
Wed Nov 17 07:57:36 PST 2010

We are simplifying the Hotspot build process by standardizing the code 
and reducing the number of required tools. As a first step we are 
removing the use of the MakeDeps tool and the includeDB files.

This will help new developers get up to speed with the code, which will 
benefit both internal developers and the open source community. It will 
also make IDE integration simpler.

MakeDeps provided these services:
* Includes between source files
* Platform dispatching
* Precompiled header management
* Makefile rules for source file dependencies
* Source files selection based on compiled target (compiler1, tiered, 
kernel, ...)
* VisualStudio project creation
* Circular dependency detection

To replace MakeDeps we updated all source files with explicit include 
statements, include guards and platform dispatching with #ifdefs. We 
also updated the makefiles to provide the rest of the MakeDeps services.

Note: this change will update almost all source files and many 
makefiles. The top-level make commands have not been changed.

Webrev is available here:

6989984: Use standard include model for Hotspot

Stefan and Bengt

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