Contributing to the development of openjdk mips port

LIU Qi liuqi at
Mon Oct 18 17:53:44 PDT 2010

Hi guys,

My name is Liu Qi and I am from China Loongson Company. Currently, we
are focusing on the development of MIPS compatible processors. Also we
have a team working on the OpenJDK port to the MIPS platform. By now we
have some preliminary results on that. You could reach the code repos.

With these codes, we could run Java applications with the interpreter on
MIPS machines. And by the end of the month, we will finish the debug of
the c1 compiler.

In the meantime, we want to merge our codes into the OpenJDK. The
OpenJDK mips port leader Jonathan told me that we could use the MIPS
porting project within OpenJDK. Do you have some advice on that? Also,
we want to discuss some detail information about merging. Who should I
talk to? Could you provide a name for us? Thanks.



 liuqi at
 liuqi82 at

 Loongson Technology Co. Ltd.

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