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On 3/5/12 3:08 PM, martin burtscher wrote:
> Do I still need openembedded, or is this issue fixed now, and can i cross-compile the OpenJDK (6 or 7) project out of the box (out of the box = mainly just replace the compiler)?

To quote from the README-builds.html file in the top-level source directory:

Cross-Compilation Support:

        Set to the target architecture of a cross-compilation build. If set, this variable is used to signify that we are cross-compiling. The expectation is that ALT_COMPILER_PATH is set to point to the cross-compiler and that any cross-compilation specific flags are passed using EXTRA_CFLAGS. The ALT_OPENWIN_HOME variable should also be set to point to the graphical header files (e.g. X11) provided with the cross-compiler. When cross-compiling we skip execution of any demos etc that may be built, and also skip binary-file verification. 
        Used to pass cross-compilation options to the cross-compiler. These are added to the CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS variables. 
        Used primarily for cross-compilation builds (and always set in that case) this variable indicates that tools from the boot JDK should be used during the build process, not the tools (javac, javah, jar) just built (which can't execute on the build host). 
        The location of the C compiler to generate programs to run on the build host. Some parts of the build generate programs that are then compiled and executed to produce other parts of the build. Normally the primary C compiler is used to do this, but when cross-compiling that would be the cross-compiler and the resulting program could not be executed. On Linux this defaults to /usr/bin/gcc; on other platforms it must be set explicitly. 

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