JEP 175: Integrate PowerPC/AIX Port into JDK 8

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Mon Feb 4 05:40:03 PST 2013

On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 2:28 AM, Phil Race <philip.race at> wrote:

>  On 2/2/13 3:03 AM, Volker Simonis wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 8:11 PM, Phil Race <philip.race at> wrote:
>>  As previously discussed on porters-dev the current target is not the
>>> first
>>> JDK 8 release but rather the first non-security update (i.e. something
>>> like
>>> JDK 8u2)
>>  Given the scale and timing, isn't JDK 9 a more appropriate target ?
>> The goal of a JDK 8 update 2, *should* be stabilisation, and this sounds
>> rather the opposite.
>> It also introduces logistic issues like ramping up infrastructure which
>> in my experience
>> can't solved all that quickly.
>  Well, the MacOS X port made it into 7u4 and we're of course keen to do
> it better:)
> OSX was a major investment on a lot of fronts. People (dev, sqe, pm) were
> diverted
> away from other projects and it was being worked on by Oracle engineers in
> the os x project
> for a *long* time before it was integrated.

All this might have been said just as well about our ports. IBM and SAP is
investing since long time a lot of resources into these ports. And we are
to do more. We just need the opportunity to do it!

> Even then it was rough and close.
> And 7u4 was only a developer release. Full support wasn't even claimed
> then.
> So when you even mention the osx port, even with a claim it won't be as
> bad,
> my internal alarm bells start ringing enough to think the actual impact
> needs
> to be assessed.
> And there was a time imperative driving that. I'm not sure what the
> imperative is here.
I would say time as well. As stated above, we have these ports since long
and it took as tremendous efforts until we could contribute them to the

We want them in the main branch as fast as possible to avoid the burden to
and support yet another codeline.

>  What do you mean with "ramping up infrastructure":
>  - hardware resources (like test/build infrastructure)?
>  - human resources within Oracle?
>   - human resources within IBM/SAP?
>  I think we have most of these allocated (except the Oracle part which I
> can not speak about:)
> I mean Oracle since your JEP is clear resources are needed where it says
> > We therefore think this JEP needs funding not only from IBM and SAP
> > but also from Oracle, in particular so that Oracle engineers in the
> HotSpot
> >and Core Libraries Groups can assist in this effort.
> -phil.
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