JEP 175: Integrate PowerPC/AIX Port into JDK 8

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Tue Feb 5 06:53:37 PST 2013

On 05/02/2013 12:06, Steve Poole wrote:
> :
> I agree we do need to tackle the refactoring problem - I just wanted to keep it a separate concern and not made a precondition for this JEP - which I think we all agree on?  I am more than happy to help with the refactoring necessary in JDK8 proper over  time.  Given that there will be an ARM64 port following on along later we do need to start soon!
One thing that might help is that when you have it moved to jdk8 and 
moved to the new build, is to send out a first webrev so that folks have 
some idea as to what might be coming. I will guess that a cursory look 
from a few people in specific areas might provide some initial feedback 
that could make things a bit easier. I could imagine getting feedback on 
where AIX or ppc64 specific code should reside, I could also imagine 
that some of the proposed change will trigger ideas on refactoring to 
make it easier to integrate.

Although it can't be a prerequisite for this, I assume the AIX port is 
going to be a reminder that we need to something about jdk/src/solaris. 
I also think it will be reminder that with the new configure-based build 
that we should be thinking about moving (over the long term) to more of 
a capabilities based build.


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