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I'm porting OpenJDK 9 to AmigaOS 4/PowerPC, or at least trying to. I'd like
to get some advice; specifically on whether to use IcedTea or not, and if I
need a HotSpot implementation. General advice is ofcourse also welcome.

Some background:
I currently have GNU Classpath running using JamVM on AmigaOS. I've now
also compiled the OpenJDK version of JamVM for Amiga. As an initial test, I
used linux-x86 Java classes (built from the OpenJDK 9 repository on my
Ubuntu machine). And this works, although it of course fails since I have
no native libraries. But its a start.

I'm now trying to cross-compile OpenJDK and add support for the Amiga
specific things. It looks as if building OpenJDK requires the HotSpot VM,
which of course doesn't have an Amiga implementation (not even a Zero one).
Given that I have JamVM, I don't want to spend time implementing HotSpot
support (atleast not for the moment). When reading docs and googlig for
info, the general approach to cross-compiling OpenJDK and using JamVM is to
use IcedTea. Will IcedTea remove the need for HotSpot? Because, one reason
I _don't_ want to use IcedTea is that it doesn't seem to support OpenJDK 9.
I know OpenJDK 9 isn't released yet, but I, again, don't want to spend time
adapting stuff for v 7 or 8, when I know that I won't have anything
releasable until they're out of date. So I thought I'd just go for the
latest version. (Now, if the general opinion is that going for version 9
will be harder than 7 or 8, I'm not to argue.)

Sorry for the long rant... but, if you for any reason want more of my
porting-effort-rants, do visit my blog:

Best regards,
Joakim Nordström
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