OpenJDK 8 port for MIPS has been open sourced by Loongson

Ao Qi aoqi at
Thu May 5 13:40:26 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Loongson has finished porting OpenJDK 8 64-bit to MIPS (Little Endian).
Loongson decided to open source this work, including implementation of the
template interpreter and the C2 compiler. The C1 compiler is almost done
and its code is also included in the codebase. The work is based on
jdk8u25-b17 and has a rich set optimizations over the OpenJDK
implementation. Loongson has been doing this work for years, and will
continue it, including bug fixing, performance improvement, and version
upgrade. Loongson has also finished porting OpenJDK 8 32-bit and OpenJDK 6
32-bit, which would become open-source in the future. Loongson hopes to
contribute the code back upstream where possible. Loongson also wishes more
developers and users could use this work and benefit from it. All
contributions and suggestions to this work are greatly welcomed. If you
have any problems or want any support, feel free to contact us via email to
jinguojie at or aoqi at

The Loongson code base is stored in Everyone can
acquire source from the repositories by:

$ hg clone
$ cd jdk8-mips64-public
$ sh ./

About Loongson Technology Co., Ltd.

Loongson is a family of general-purpose MIPS64 CPUs developed by Loongson
Technology Co., Ltd. It was formerly called Godson.
Learn more:
Learn more about Loongson Java:

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Ao Qi
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