about OpenJDK 8 MIPS Port by Loongson and some questions

Ao Qi aoqi at loongson.cn
Mon Nov 14 11:07:59 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Loongson announced that its OpenJDK 8 MIPS Port was open sourced in May
this year (
So far, Loongson has signed the OCA and Lemote has submitted its OCA. All
of the contributions we want to upstream were done by these two companies.
So my understanding is that after the Lemote’s OCA is processed, the code
of this OpenJDK 8 MIPS Port would meet the requirement of OCA. Am I right?
If yes, what should I do next?

Since Loongson has signed the OCA, it seems that I am a Contributor now and
can contribute to OpenJDK finally. However, I think I also need to sign a
personal OCA, because I am also interested in some other projects which may
have nothing to do with Loongson Company.

Loongson’s contribution has not been accepted by OpenJDK yet, so the
contribution of Loongson and me is zero in fact. Although I did a lot of
work about MIPS port, and had communication with Porters Group and MIPS
Project from years ago, I am not sure if I am eligible for membership in
Porters Group and being nominated to be a Group Member. Before that, I
think I am a Contributor or even just a Participant. If I want to do some
contribution to the Porters Group, I think I have to find some other
project, because Loongson’s code cannot be accepted yet and MIPS Project
has no repository now.

Thank you,

Ao Qi
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