Project proposal: RISC-V port

Andrew Dinn adinn at
Wed Mar 7 11:37:05 UTC 2018

On 06/03/18 20:01, Edward Nevill wrote:
> I am happy to act as project lead for the RISC-V port at least in the
> interim. I am an OpenJDK committer, a member of the porters group and
> the aarch32 project lead. Although I do not have very much RISC-V
> experience (IE. about 1 week) I feel I could help get the project
> started until someone with more RISCV-V experience is up to speed
> with the OpenJDK processes.

I don't believe I am entitled to vote for Ed to be granted this role but
I will offer the opinion that he would make a great project lead -- even
if he has to rely on someone else for detailed RISC-V knowledge. His
help on the AArch64 port was immensely valuable and his experience of
how that port was done should be very helpful.


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