Project proposal: RISC-V port

Palmer Dabbelt palmer at
Wed Mar 7 18:33:43 UTC 2018

This is really great, thanks!  I'd be happy to have you be the RISC-V OpenJDK 
project lead.  I'm interested in contributing, at least where possible.

On Tue, 06 Mar 2018 12:01:40 PST (-0800), edward.nevill at wrote:
> Hi,
> I have created a JDK issue to add RISC-V support to Zero.
> I have a sample patch which is included in the JDK issue to add RISC-V support and this is currently under test (it is running under qemu so it may be some time!).
> Once we have got Zero support in OpenJDK we can look at setting up a project to add C1 & C2 support (or even graal!).
> I am happy to act as project lead for the RISC-V port at least in the interim. I am an OpenJDK committer, a member of the porters group and the aarch32 project lead. Although I do not have very much RISC-V experience (IE. about 1 week) I feel I could help get the project started until someone with more RISCV-V experience is up to speed with the OpenJDK processes.
> Anyone who is interested in contributing to this project needs to have signed the OCA (Oracle Contributor Agreement), or work for a company that has signed the OCA.
> If you would be interested in contributing to this project please let me know.
> All the best,
> Ed.
> On Thu, 2018-02-08 at 08:38 -0800, Palmer Dabbelt wrote:
>> [Sorry for the second email, it appears my SiFive email doesn't want to
>> subscribe to porters-dev.]
>> RISC-V is an open standard ISA stewarded by the RISC-V foundation
>> <>.  With the recent release of glibc 2.27 we now have the full
>> RISC-V software base released from the various upstream repositories, which
>> means it's time to start moving forward with the rest of the software stack.  I
>> ran into Erik at FOSDEM a few days ago and he suggested that we open up the
>> discussion of an OpenJDK port for RISC-V.  While I'm not familiar with the
>> RISC-V Java efforts, I did part of a Hotspot port (a bit of the template
>> interpreter and much of C2) to Tilera's TilePro and TileGx architectures a few
>> years ago so I know a bit about the OpenJDK internals.
>> In the RISC-V community we view Java as a very important missing component of
>> the software ecosystem, so I was thrilled when Erik found me at FOSDMEM and
>> suggested there was community interest in a port.  Unfortunately, I won't have
>> time to properly help out with the port (I'm maintaining Linux, as well as
>> co-maintaining binutils, GCC, and glibc).  That said, I'd be very happy to help
>> out where I can.  I think a good way to move forward might be to:
>> * Create a project to own the RISC-V port, which is what this email is about.
>>   I'm OK being the project lead, at least until we find someone who will have
>> * Clean up our libffi port and submit it upstream.  Stefan O'Rear is in the
>>   process of submitting the port now, so it should all be moving smoothly soon.
>>   Submit patches for our Zero port.  While I didn't do the port I don't mind
>>   cleaning it up and submitting it.  I've added Martin who was more involved
>>   with the original port.  I think he's not working on RISC-V stuff now that
>>   he's at Google, though.
>> * Move forward with a proper OpenJDK port, starting with the template
>>   interpreter and eventually adding C2.  I'm not sure if C1 is actually
>>   deprecated, but we decided not to bother with it at Tilera because it didn't
>>   seem worth the extra effort at the time.  Of course, this would be up to
>>   whomever is actually doing the work :).
>> There appears to be considerable community interest in a RISC-V OpenJDK port,
>> so my hope is that while I don't have time to directly contribute much myself
>> that we'll be able to get something sane up and running.  Interested users can
>> test on QEMU, and we've recently announced a board (and associated beta program
>> that provide free boards to open source developers) so there's some hardware to
>> run on as well.
>> I'd like to request that the Porters Group sponsors this project with me as the
>> lead.
>> Thanks!

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