Assistance requested with JEP-181 Nest-based access control (nestmates)

David Holmes david.holmes at
Tue May 15 01:23:43 UTC 2018

The JEP-181 RFR has just gone out with the intent to have this JEP 
targeted and integrated by the end of the month, for JDK 11.

One part of this work requires platform specific changes to the 
templateTable to address the use of invokeinterface for private 
interface method calls. I have implemented and tested this code on x86 
and sparc. For the other platforms I have provided the code based on 
what I did for x86 and sparc, and on similar code for the given 
architecture. It would be very much appreciated if I could get 
assistance from the other platform maintainers to build and test this 
code on each platform, and provide me with any fixes needed.

I'll also note that the Zero interpreter will need to be updated to 
support the JVMS changes that come with this. I've filed:

for the Zero folk to use.


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