Problems with AES-GCM native acceleration

Andrew Haley aph at
Mon Dec 10 16:15:21 UTC 2018

On 12/10/18 1:47 PM, Gidon Gershinsky wrote:
> I've run my decryption benchmarks on Java with this patch, with excellent
> results.
> The benchmarks reach the top speed right away, no long warm-up anymore.
> Also, there is no need to split the operation into multiple updates, the
> doFinal works just fine.
> Moreover, the maximal decryption throughput is actually higher than in
> Java11 after warm-up.
> On one thread, I get 930MB/sec instead of 850MB/s.
> On 8 threads, 350x8 instead of 230x8.
> This capability will be important in the Spark/Parquet workloads.

The downloadable binary build is at

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