RFR: JDK-8169718: nsk/jdb/locals/locals002: ERROR: Cannot find boolVar with expected value: false

Alex Menkov alexey.menkov at oracle.com
Tue Oct 2 22:00:36 UTC 2018

Looks good to me.


On 10/02/2018 11:29, Gary Adams wrote:
> Looking for one more reviewer before we push this changeset.
> On 9/22/18, 6:45 AM, gary.adams at oracle.com wrote:
>> This is a very old bug that started off as a closed test, but should 
>> have an open review
>> before it finally gets pushed. Many other jdb bugs will be closed as 
>> duplicates as a
>> result of this change.
>> The problem shows up as a corrupted log when running the jdb tests.
>> The tests send commands to a jdb process and parse the output to determine
>> if the correct functions were performed. Sometimes the tests will timeout,
>> sometimes the test will report the commands were not successful.
>> When running jdb the output can come from several different threads.
>>     - the command processing thread
>>     - the event handler thread
>>     - asynchronous command threads
>>     - debuggee class (separate process)
>> This fix works around an issue between the command
>> thread and the event handler thread. In the TTY.executeCommand()
>> method there is a large dispatch to commands that ends with the printing
>> of a prompt for the user to enter another command.
>> When commands {cont, next, step, stepi} are processed they
>> resume the vm in the debuggee. This can cause the event handler
>> to be woken up. Events typically display messages, such
>> as "Breakpoint hit", "Step completed". They also set the
>> current thread variable so a "current location" in the source can
>> be identified. The event finishes by printing a prompt so the user will
>> enter the next command.
>> The corruption in the log shows up when the event handler
>> starts running between the printing of the command and
>> command issuing the prompt. It also shows up when
>> a prompt is written in the middle of the event output.
>> The proposed fix allows the {cont,next,step,stepi} commands
>> to issue a simple prompt before performing the command
>> that resumes the debuggee. It then skips the prompt that is issued
>> at the end of the excuteCommand() dispatch.
>> A variety of other fixes had been tried such as locks and
>> output buffering, but all fell short. Many of the output
>> routines are shared. Even the executeCommand() processing
>> is called from the event handler thread to process monitor
>> commands.
>>   Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~gadams/8169718/webrev.03/
>> This fix was tested with 1000 test runs on the slower debug builds
>> where the problem was observed more often. Before the fix it was
>> common to see 9/1000 failures on windows-x64 and solaris-sparc9
>> platforms.
>> Here's a sample of a corrupted log. A prompt is displayed after
>> an event header was displayed. As the next command is processed
>> the rest of the event output shows up.
>> ...
>> Breakpoint hit: main[1]
>> Sending command: locals
>> reply[0]: "thread=main", 
>> nsk.jdb.locals.locals002.locals002a.allKindsOfLocals(), line=82 bci=62
>> ...

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