RFR: JDK-8211324: Link to java.lang.ThreadGroup in JDWP spec is broken

Gary Adams gary.adams at oracle.com
Mon Oct 8 18:15:02 UTC 2018

Alan suggested in the bug report for the broken link from the jdwp-protocol
spec to the java/lang/ThreadGroup documentation to simply remove the
href link. Another possibility is to simply update the link to include 
the java.base

I don't think the doc structure changes very often so either solution
seems fine to me.

diff --git a/make/data/jdwp/jdwp.spec b/make/data/jdwp/jdwp.spec
--- a/make/data/jdwp/jdwp.spec
+++ b/make/data/jdwp/jdwp.spec
@@ -2185,7 +2185,7 @@
          "in this thread group. Threads and thread groups in child "
          "thread groups are not included. "
          "A thread is alive if it has been started and has not yet been 
stopped. "
-        "See <a 
href=../../../api/java/lang/ThreadGroup.html>java.lang.ThreadGroup </a>
+        "See <a 
href=../../api/java.base/java/lang/ThreadGroup.html>java.lang.ThreadGroup </a>
          "for information about active ThreadGroups.
              (threadGroupObject group "The thread group object ID. ")

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