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Marcus Hirt marcus at
Mon Jul 1 22:21:19 UTC 2019

Haha. I mostly wanted to take it for a spin. Seems some good came out of it too. ;) I've updated the GitHub issue with a link to the discussion on Twitter.

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Ämne: Re: RFR: Adding project explanation

On 7/1/19 3:59 PM, Mario Torre wrote:
>>> suggested in the Twitter discussion. :)
>> :tada: :rofl:
> Awesome, so now not only we need to track github as a whole, but also 
> twitter to get proper context for changesets! :)

I was just about to ask Marcus to update the description for the patch, as I don't follow nor use Twitter myself.

I think it is fairly obvious that we are still tuning a few knobs and that Skara is under active development, making steady progress day by day. We did run into a (pretty hilarious) Skara bug for this PR from Marcus, to which I reacted with a comment containing a few emojis. The comment was made in response to a number of label updates by the bots, which is why the comment is out of context here on the mailing list.

I want to highlight that this _not_ a normal situation, label updates on pull requests do not in general convey enough useful information to merit relaying them to a mailing list (nor comment on them). We primarily use labels to aid people who want to sort pull requests in various ways. We could send label updates to the mailing list as well, but I think it would just annoy people (it would annoy me at least).

> I still think that the old good mailing list are the way to go ;)

We also like mailing lists! I use skara-dev all the time to keep track of patches, comments and discussion. I want to be very clear that the goal is *not* to replace the mailing lists, we continue to work very hard to ensure that a contributor who wishes to use the mailing lists and the CLI should have a great experience.

The above doesn't mean we don't have a few bugs, Robin is currently working on making the mailing list experience better. If you have any additional feedback after following skara-dev then we'd be happy to hear it! And as usual, if you see something you think is a bug, then please file one [0].



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