RFR: Separate the various notifiers into their own packages

Robin Westberg rwestberg at openjdk.java.net
Thu May 28 13:12:31 UTC 2020

On Thu, 28 May 2020 11:51:23 GMT, Jorn Vernee <jvernee at openjdk.org> wrote:

>> Hi all,
>> Please review this refactoring change that moves the various notifiers into their own packages, and moves the
>> configuration parsing into the respective package.
>> Best regards,
>> Robin
> bots/notify/src/main/java/org/openjdk/skara/bots/notify/mailinglist/MailingListUpdaterFactory.java line 72:
>> 71:             }
>> 72:             mailingListUpdaterBuilder.mode(mode);
>> 73:         }
> Seems to be pre-existing, but this looks weird to me; either `mode` is overwritten by Mode.PR, or an exception is
> thrown. Seems like Mode.ALL is never used? (I only noticed this because IDEA suggested turning this into an `if`
> statement).

The All mode is set by default, so if the configuration doesn't contain an entry, it will be used. But this certainly
looks a bit odd, can add "all" as a case as well to make it more clear.

> bots/notify/src/test/java/org/openjdk/skara/bots/notify/MailingListUpdaterTests.java line 1:
>> 1: package org.openjdk.skara.bots.notify;
>> 2:
> copyright header is missing here

Thanks, will add.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/skara/pull/631

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