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Fri Feb 5 11:49:31 UTC 2021

Hi Erik,

thanks for your answer.

As of today I don't see "git backport" yet. But I assume you'll add it in due course ��

There's one other question which occurred to me in a certain workflow: There is the cool git hg-export command to extract a mercurial patch out of a git repository. Is something like this possible the other way around? E.g. when I have a change in a mercurial repository only and want to bring it into a git repository? Maybe there exists a description for some manual steps... ?


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> Hi Christoph,
> sorry for the late reply, I've had some issues with my e-mail lately.
> Both features you mention are implemented but not deployed yet. The ETA
> is to roll this out piece by piece next week.
> We can't unfortunately make "Backport-of:
> 3f9f86f0d3f918b9955ba6ba73c9c58ae8fcf7cb", but you can paste that hash
> into the search field on GitHub to find the original commit.
> Thanks,
> Erik

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