Still Invalid mail addresses, and unassociated commits at GH

Thomas Stüfe thomas.stuefe at
Thu Feb 18 14:38:19 UTC 2021

Hi guys,

It has been six months now.
- we still have invalid mail addresses like stuefe at, which
cannot be replied to, read or verified in GitHub. They clutter the mailing
list archive with invalid mail addresses too.
- we also still have this issue, which may linked to the invalid mail
addresses, that a large number of the developers has no real link between
their GitHub user and their commits to openjdk are not linked to their user
name. The proposed workaround of adding the unverified openjdk mail address
to GH did not work, at least not in my case.

Is there any hope that these issues will be resolved? Should I open bugs to
track these?

Thanks & Cheers, Thomas

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