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Mario Torre neugens at
Tue May 22 11:17:36 PDT 2007

Il giorno mar, 22/05/2007 alle 21.57 +0400, Alex Menkov ha scritto:
> Hi Mario,
> Big problem with mp3 is license - if you add mp3 support to your product, you 
> have to ask user to accept separate agreement (during installation).
> I believe jdk7 will have ogg support, but it will be implemented in different 
> package (not JavaSound) and JavaSound will have FormatConversionProvider bridge 
> to the codec.

Yeah, this is great to hear. Having direct support for ogg vorbis will
help to spread this format. I had a similar problem with Classpath, this
is why we are trying to hook gstreamer, so we can play any format
supported and don't care about license details (it is the user that
choose what to install).

Ogg vorbis are ok because there is no license to be scared by.

What do you mean by different package, that they are optional? If so,
then we could still use external projects like the bits in Cortado. I
think that the legal issue of mixing gpl/open source code and non open
source code can be avoided just by releasing the java files that
directly use these libraries under the gpl + linking exception [1]. But
I'm not lawyer so...


[1] I don't think it is so much an issue to write an ogg vorbis file
reader, but why duplicate efforts and code when there are lots of
solutions already there if these can be used?
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