<Sound Dev> A Java Sound Mixer Service Provider Implementation with PortAudio

one one at inprinciple.org
Sat Sep 1 00:47:18 PDT 2007

Good Day,

I was able to implement a basic Java Sound Mixer Service Provider  
with PortAudio.
TargetDataLine and SourceDataLine are working.

I read the posting that the OpenJDK implementation is going to be  
released soon.
But I guess it is not to mean for Mac OS X.
So I thought it may be of interest to OpenJDK community.

I was able to record and playback at sampling rates from 2 kHz to 96  
kHz on MacBook.

I call my implementation YavaSound to make it sound close to Java  
Sound and also to distinguish it from Java Sound. If this name is not  
allowed for legal issues (trade name,.. etc), please let me know, I  
can change it to something else.

The source code is under same license as PortAudio (www.portaudio.com).
YavaSound source can be downloaded from :

The PortAudio library used is for Mac OS X.
But as PortAudio is cross platform.
Making YavaSound cross platform is easy as linking to corresponding  
PortAudio library.

Best Regards,

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