<Sound Dev> Errors in MixerMidiChannel.C

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 9 13:47:52 PST 2008


This source file is from the closed portion of the JDK[1], which means the license terms are 
not compatible with this forum.  I removed it from this thread.

If you have agreed to the JRL (Java Research License)[2] you may continue this discussion with 
other JRL researchers over here:

If you do not yet have the 'jdk.Researcher' role assigned, please read the jdk.Researcher terms 

Then go to this web page:
and request the jdk.Researcher role to gain access to the jdk-collaboration.dev.java.net forum.

We all hope to remove the closed areas of the JDK someday, but for the moment these are the 
rules we must operate under.

Refer to:
     [1] https://jdk7.dev.java.net
     [2] http://java.net/jrl.html

Best regards - Tim Bell  mailman administrator, openjdk.java.net

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