<Sound Dev> Question about changeset 10209:ef65ddb32456 - maximum chunk size for RIFFReader

Torsten Krah krah.tm at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 15:21:19 UTC 2015


i've got some question about this changeset:


There was a check added that the maximum chunk size does not exceed 2
Can you tell me the intention of this check? Before this change it was
possible to handle e.g. RIFF Wav-Files which are greater than 2 GiB,
after that change it will result in an exception.

So how to handle files which are greater than 2 GiB now? Downgrading to
JDK 7 or to a version before this change is not a "nice" solution ;-).

Reading about the RIFF-Format the ChunkSize is a uint32_t - 8 Bytes, so
it should be possible to have a 4 GiB file, shouldn't it?

thanks for some enlightenment about this changeset.

thanks and kind regards


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