<Sound Dev> MIDI Sync of a Sequencer Instance

Claudio Delpino cladelpino at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 15:17:46 UTC 2015

Hi all, I'm really sorry to bother you with this, since it's not properly
on-topic in this list, but I have no where to turn to (given the apparently
wildly outdated nature of http://www.jsresources.org/).

I'm trying to use an external MIDI clock to sync a Sequencer instance, but
the sequencer instance says it only supports the Internal_Clock SyncMode.

Relevant Code (I asked in Stack Overflow
and you could answer there not to pollute this list):

S_p = MidiSystem.getSequencer(false);
D2 = MidiSystem.getMidiDevice(MidiSystem.getMidiDeviceInfo()[1]);

for(int i=0;i<S_p.getMasterSyncModes().length;i++){System.out.println("Available
modes are "+i+ " "+S_p.getMasterSyncModes()[i].toString());}

 Available modes are 0 Internal Clock

Of course I have confirmation of messages going out of D2 and into another
receiver custom written to notify to system.out, and sequencer plays
normally, it just appears that it doesn't support the SyncModes docs say it
should. Specifically this phrase confuses me (fromMIDI_SYNC: "This mode
only applies as the master sync mode for sequencers that are also MIDI

What's the meaning of the sequencer BEING a receiver. I thought it should
be enough with my approach of getReceiver()

Regards, thanks in advance, and sorry for interrupting in an openjdk -dev
list. I know this doesn't belong here, and will gladly take any advice as
to where can I ask this sort of thing.

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