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Tue Oct 27 19:54:28 UTC 2015

I took the liberty to answer on Stack Overflow:

> wildly outdated nature of http://www.jsresources.org/

It is old, yes! but very little is actually outdated. In particular
all the code examples are still something like best practice examples.


On 27.10.2015 16:17, Claudio Delpino wrote:
> Hi all, I'm really sorry to bother you with this, since it's not
> properly on-topic in this list, but I have no where to turn to (given
> the apparently wildly outdated nature of http://www.jsresources.org/). 
> I'm trying to use an external MIDI clock to sync a Sequencer instance,
> but the sequencer instance says it only supports the Internal_Clock
> SyncMode. 
> Relevant Code (I asked in Stack Overflow
> <http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33358948/java-midi-sequencer-syncmode>,
> and you could answer there not to pollute this list): 
> |S_p =MidiSystem.getSequencer(false);D2
> =MidiSystem.getMidiDevice(MidiSystem.getMidiDeviceInfo()[1]);S_p.open();D2.open();R2=S_p.getReceiver();T2=D2.getTransmitter();T2.setReceiver(R2);|
> |for(inti=0;i<S_p.getMasterSyncModes().length;i++){System.out.println("Available
> modes are "+i+" "+S_p.getMasterSyncModes()[i].toString());}|
> |Availablemodes are 0InternalClock|
> Of course I have confirmation of messages going out of D2 and into
> another receiver custom written to notify to system.out, and sequencer
> plays normally, it just appears that it doesn't support the SyncModes
> docs say it should. Specifically this phrase confuses me
> (fromMIDI_SYNC: "This mode only applies as the master sync mode for
> sequencers that are also MIDI receivers."
> What's the meaning of the sequencer BEING a receiver. I thought it
> should be enough with my approach of getReceiver()
> Regards, thanks in advance, and sorry for interrupting in an openjdk
> -dev list. I know this doesn't belong here, and will gladly take any
> advice as to where can I ask this sort of thing.
> Claudio

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